This fast and dynamic course will encourage you to constantly practice sketching and at the same time have fun doing it!

Created by: Jose Gamboa

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Duration: 4 weeks
Effort: 4-6 h/week
Language: English
(Click here for Spanish)
Pricing: $70
Seats: limited



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Exercise your Brain and Develop your Muscle Memory!

This course will encourage you to constantly practice sketching and at the same time have fun doing it using the  Sketch Aerobics ™ methodology you will also learn the necessary skills to visually communicate your innovative ideas.

See you in Sketchdrive!
Jose Gamboa
Lead Sketch Monkey at Sketch Aerobics

Course Description
Overcome the barriers of communication by using music and the basic elements of sketching to visually communicate your thoughts. The Sketch Aerobics ™ was born as a methodology to teach students the basic elements on visual communication and it has been transformed into an innovation tool to foster team work. The key to be successful at Sketch Aerobics ™ is to learn by doing and work hard. The fun aspect of the Sketch Aerobics ™ eliminates the frustration that commonly used techniques provoke in young designers when learning how to draw.  The learning process begins with the very basic elements of drawing (lines and circles) and building up to the more complex visual techniques. This class emphasizes the development of rapid visualization and the most effective ways to visually communicate your ideas as a flux for innovation.

The goal of this course is to develop the necessary skills to visually communicate your thoughts. We will be learning by doing.




week 1.

  • – The A, B, C of visual communication (learning a new language)
  • – Using Music to boost your effectiveness when sketching.

week 2.

  • – Sketch Aerobics ™ workshop (key warmups)
  • – The sketch Aerobics 10-second car

week 3.

  • – Develop your muscle memory by combining speed and rhythm
  • – Daily exercises

week 4.

  • – Using the A, B, C to draw any objects
  • – Quantity vs Quality

Tools & Materials
- a portable camera (smart phone is ok)
– a sketchbook that will be used to accomplish the basic excersices
- Color Copy Digital Paper, 11″ x 17″, Ream
- A set of 3 grey alcohol markers (C2-C4-C6): e.g. Copic / Pantone / Prismacolor
- Sharpie fine point black = 2 color (any color)
- 2 PRISMACOLOR Premier Indigo Blue PC90





This course is also available in Spanish. Click here for the Spanish version.

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