Sketching and Rendering Sneakers like the Pros! Learn how to create sneakers for your portfolio.

Created by: Chou-Tac Chung

Enrollment: sign up to get notified
Duration: 4-6 weeks
Effort: 2-5 h/week
Level: From true Beginner
Language: English
VIP $97
Self Study $57
Seats: limited

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How to sketch and render Sneakers like the Pros !

Hey guys !

It’s Chou-Tac from the blog 🙂
I am super excited to introduce you my next upcoming course about Sketching and Rendering Sneakers like the Pros!
You have been many requesting this from me, and I decided to make it happened !

If you are actually like me when I started, you might wonder how to get the professional render of sneakers for Nike, Adidas or else you see in the books and internet. I remember spending months drooling at these renders, while I was trying to figure out how to get a single proper sketch of a shoe. I was so clumsy, and I was so alone. It was a frustrating feeling.

But with perseverance I did figure out a solution, a method. I could create professional artworks for my portfolio and not long after join the footwear industry starting at Airness while I was still a student, then Adidas Performance at the HQ in Germany. If you want to rise your chance to join the footwear industry, you should take a shortcut and ask for help. This is why I decided to compile the techniques I’ve learned so I you can achieve these results too ! I am making the method easy to follow step-by-step and with a lot of fun ! 🙂

If you love footwear, I invite you to register now to the waiting list.
You will be the first notified of the official date of the launch !
I wish I could welcome all of you but the seats will be limited.
I want to make sure I can follow up your progress within the best conditions.

So Sign Up ! And see you very soon on the course!

PS: If there is anything I can help you or if you have questions,
you can send me an email at

What you’ll learn

  • ✔ How to draw a shoe with a good proportion (Side view)
  • ✔ How to draw with confident and professional sketching lines
  • ✔ How to get new ideas with these 2 techniques : the Happy accident and the Thumbnails.
  • ✔ How to use the digital render software used by the industry to render your sneakers
  • ✔ How to find great colour combos and make multiple colour proposals
  • ✔ How to present your sneaker for your portfolio
  • ✔ Use the techniques from the pros to become a productive and efficient designer

Course Description
Phase I: How to sketch a sneaker
Phase II: How to render your sneakers (with the digital software used by the footwear industry)

+ As a bonus, I will share with you 2 creative techniques to unlock your creativity !

PHASE I : Sketch Sneaker like the Pros
– Step 1: Warm Up with C-curve and S-curve
– Step 2: How to draw a last and the common mistakes
– Step 3: Get introduced to Footwear component vocabulary
– Step 4: How to spot and visualise the dynamic lines
– Step 5: Sketching with your emotion
– Step 6: How to multiply your ideas with thumbnails
– Step 7: Let’s draw with the Happy Accident technique!

PHASE II: Render Sneaker like the Pros
– Step 1: Discover the interface of Illustrator (focusing on only what you need)
– Step 2: Master the main tools and keyboard shortcuts I use, all explained with simple and playful exercises
– Step 3: Learn How I create the sneaker outlines fast, neat and dynamic
– Step 4: Add colours, the simple way
– Step 5: A simple technique to choose and multiply your colour proposals!
– Step 6: Add texture
– Step 7: Add light and shadow to make your render alive !
– Step 8: Finishing your rendering

BONUS : A minimalist and attractive composition for your portfolio 
+ What you should absolutely know about file resolution to print your portfolio.

Enrollment plans
VIP $97 – To boost your motivation and improve even faster, I can give you 1-to-1 feedbacks on your sketches and rendering if you want to. You just need to send me your artworks (upload the picture in Sketchdrive is as fast and easy as posting a picture on Instagram), then I will use my Wacom tablet to tell you where you did wrong or right, and tell you how to improve. I will accompany you during the whole course so if you have any question, I am here to support you. I may even give  you some personal challenges. You will also get access to other members progression and cheer up all together by sending messages each other posting on their sketch publication.

Once again, to make sure I can follow up your progress in the best condition, the seats will be limited to the first 30 subscribers only.

SELF STUDY $57 – This plan is great if you want to learn at your own pace.
If you have any question, you can send me an email at 🙂

Please note: instructor feedback is not included in this plan!

Tools & Materials
A ball point pen
Adobe Illustrator

– A Graphic tablet (Such as Wacom, Ipad Pro, Samsung Pro Note…)
– Sketchbook Pro, Photoshop or Mischief software


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