Hi, we are Sketchdrive

We believe training creative skills requires more than watching online videos. You will need to to learn by doing, share work for review and get high quality feedback to make progress and develop your critical eye.

High quality creative skill training is locked into multi-annual curricula in physical classrooms at a handful of expensive art & design schools. Inaccessible and unaffordable to the majority and completely inadequate to meet demand of an expanding creative industry in desperate need of more creative professionals.

Higher Education worldwide fails to deliver competent creative professionals as traditional school systems naturally operate a business model of standardisation and will struggle to deliver personalised creative skill training programs for life-long-learners.

Online alternatives fail to deliver successful creative skill training as available courses are setup to transfer knowledge rather than skill. A lack of interactivity and the absence of personal professional feedback results in poor levels of engagement as learners are left to motivate themselves and judge their own progress.

As a result the vast majority of aspiring creative professionals is not receiving adequate training and guidance to develop the skills they need to boost their performance, increase employability and advance their creative careers.

Sketchdrive was founded to change the status quo. We are on a mission to make high quality creative skill training affordable and accessible by connecting a platform for visual review and personal feedback to a marketplace for online learning.

Meet the creative minds behind the Sketchdrive platform:


Martijn van de Wiel

Founder & CEO

Marten de Jong

Founder & CMO

Floris Douma

Web Developer

Jakob Laegdsmand

Lead Developer

Pieter ter Berg

Mobile Web Developer

Sketchdrive is everywhere!

Learners to our courses are enrolled from over 160 countries.

Our team is based in the Netherlands:

Sketchdrive B.V.
De Constant Rebecqueplein 20B
2518 RA The Hague
The Netherlands

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