Creative skill training for all!

Get feedback. Make progress.

Finally! Creative courses with feedback!

Get visual feedback on your own work in Sketchdrive. Watch tutorials, make assignments, upload your work and get visual feedback from the masters themselves! Creative skills are not developed by simply watching videos, develop your talent by doing! Get real guidance from professional instructors!

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Sketch and Render Sneakers like the Pros #1by Chou-Tac Chung
Design Sketching #1 - A crash course for beginnersby Martijn van de Wiel

Get feedback. Make progress.

Creative skills develop best by exposing them to critical eyes. But what if a good critique is lost in translation? It’s hard to explain in words what should be drawn out.

In Sketchdrive you can give and get feedback drawn directly on top of work in progress and have a visual conversation!

Get inspired.

Enroll to a course and watch inspiring demo tutorials and step-by-step instructions by the most world’s most passionate creative professionals.

Upload your work for review and share and discuss techniques to advance your skill even faster.

Anywhere, anytime!

In Sketchdrive you have a permanent visual overview on the work by all course members. Quickly review any visual from an always up-to-date project timeline, see feedback on your peer’s work and watch your own skills grow every step along the way!

About us

Sketchdrive was founded by Martijn van de Wiel (design sketching) and Marten de Jong, two Dutch creative professional educators with 15+ years of experience in design and architecture. Frustrated with the non-interactive nature of most online learning platforms they decided to build their own and founded Sketchdrive to make creative skill training available to all!

“You can’t learn creative skills by simply watching videos. You have to make something and then get the right kind of feedback – visual feedback!“

Martijn van de Wiel, founder/CEO Sketchdrive

Boost your skills on the go!

Take your courses with you with the Sketchdrive app and share, critique and develop your skills wherever you go!