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 Sketchdrive is an educational tool to easily share, view and discuss visual work online.

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In partnership with two pioneering Dutch universities, TU Delft and TU Eindhoven, Sketchdrive is on a mission to amplify learning beyond the classroom. Founded on the principles of ‘learning by doing’ we have developed a platform for visual interaction and collaborative learning. Use Sketchdrive to captivate learners, boost engagement and raise your course completion rates!

Visual interaction

We are interacting with visual content online in more ways than ever before, yet most online learning platforms fail to utilize visual work to enhance student performance.

Sketchdrive is an interactive tool to easily share, view and discuss visual work online. Drive curiousity, exploration and conversation to augment the learning experience in your course.

Learn by doing

Skills cannot be trained by simply watching videos. Especially in creative disciplines such as photography, design or architecture, making and reflecting are fundamental to the overall learning experience. What if you want learners to sketch out their ideas or take pictures to illustrate their point of view?

Use Sketchdrive to support active learning with hands-on assignments and easily monitor and review student progress and results.

Collaborative learning

Isolation and self-motivation are some of the biggest challenges facing online learners today. To prevent dropout you need to activate your course community and trigger interaction.

The dynamic activity feed in Sketchdrive invites learners to interact and learn together increasing your course completion rates!

Sketchdrive extends our educational innovation beyond the physical design studioStephan Wensveen - Program Director Faculty of Industrial Design | Eindhoven University of Technology
“At ESAD we need to collaborate and interact with other academic institutions and industry abroad. With Sketchdrive this exchange is so much easier”Jeremy Hugh Aston - Coordinator ID Master Classes ESAD | Escola Superior de Artes e Design | Matosinhos, Porto
“I now have the visual work of 450 students at my fingertips directly on my iPad”Eddy van den Bos - CAD Specialist | Aerospace Engineering | Aerospace Structures and Materials |TU Delft
“We use Sketchdrive to create interactive online activities comparable to F2F studio design activities”Johannetta Gordijn - Learning Developer | Teaching and Learning Services | TU Delft
“I see Sketchdrive as a huge world wide Museum in which my online students can share, inspire and comment each other's work”Martijn Stellingwerff - Assistant professor | Faculty of Architecture |TU Delft


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About us

Sketchdrive was founded by Martijn van de Wiel and Marten de Jong, two Dutch creative professional educators in design and architecture. Frustrated with the non-visual nature of most online learning platforms they decided to build their own and founded Sketchdrive to unlock creativity and amplify learning beyond the classroom!


“visual interaction sparks creativity and drives us to explore and learn“

Martijn van de Wiel, founder/CEO Sketchdrive

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Need more than Teams and email to guide your students remotely?
Contact us for support to get you started with Sketchdrive free of charge!

We are stand-by to keep your course rolling.