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a clever tool to share and review visual work in online education

Our partners

In partnership with TU Delft and TU Eindhoven, Sketchdrive is on a mission to unlock creativity in online learning. Founded on the principles of ‘learning by doing’ we have developed an interactive tool to easily share, review and give feedback on visual work.


Visual conversations

We are interacting with visual content online in more ways than ever before, yet most online learning platforms fail to utilize visual work to enhance student performance.

Sketchdrive adds visual feeds to your course. Have students illustrate their point of view, sketch their ideas or take pictures to reflect on the world around them. As they say: ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’!

Learn by doing

Some skills cannot be learned from textbooks or instructional videos alone. In creative disciplines such as Photography, Design or Architecture ‘making and reflecting’ are fundamental to the overall learning experience.

Challenge your students’ creative potential with hands-on assignments and have them share, review and give feedback on the results.

Community spirit

Isolation and self-motivation are some of the biggest challenges facing online learners today. Providing relevant and inspiring content is simply not enough. To prevent dropout you also need to create and foster an active community of learners.

Trigger peer-to-peer interaction with a beautiful course activity feed. Leverage your course community to amplify learning and increase your course completion rates!


Work visually


Active learning


Learn together


"Sketchdrive is awesome to be connected with the students and for giving them feedback"Chou-Tac Chung - Independent online instructor
"My teacher’s helpful feedback on Sketchdrive motivates me every day to keep on sketching"Ruud van Reijmersdal
"Giving feedback by drawing over the original makes it a perfect communication medium"Sam van der Heijden - Industrial Design Student
“I really need to start putting up more onto Sketchdrive, it seems like a very handy tool.”Sarah Keane - Product Design Student

About us

Sketchdrive was founded by Martijn van de Wiel and Marten de Jong, two Dutch creative professional educators with 15+ years of experience in design and architecture. Frustrated with the non-visual nature of most online learning platforms they decided to build their own and founded Sketchdrive to unlock creativity in online learning!


“visual work sparks creativity and drives us to explore and learn“

Martijn van de Wiel, online instructor and founder/CEO Sketchdrive

Boost your skills on the go!

Take your courses with you with the Sketchdrive app and share, critique and develop your skills wherever you go!