Welcome to the registration page for my course ‘Basics for Product Sketching’.

In this 5-week sketching course we will go through the important basics of product sketching!

feedback_impressionI am very happy to host my basic sketching course on Sketchdrive, the visual feedback tool for design education. It is a unique private environment, where I am able to provide visual feedback on your work and we can truly interact with each other visually.

To apply for registration please fill in your name and email address below. There is a limited amount of 30 seats available. About a week before the course starts, you will receive an email with a link to complete your registration by paying the course fee. When your registration is completed you will receive an invitation from me to enter my course on Sketchdrive.

So what will you get?

Costs: € 100,- (VAT included – credit card only)

Claim your seat now, and see you in Sketchdrive!


In the world of designing and developing products, a clear and quick communication of ideas is useful and perhaps even imperative. Being able to visualise and bring to life the products you have created in your mind will help you convey your ideas more convincingly.

This book covers the basics of drawing products in perspective. Instead of advanced concept sketches of cars and ships, expect the important aspects of various types of perspective, as well as instructions on how to properly draw and colour simple blocks and cylinders in order to create the illusion of three-dimensional reality, and combining different basic volumes into one simple product.






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